Why Brexit ?

Britain is not in good matter with Germany after Brexit, even if the two counties hide this matter. If you focus well on German media and compare it with British media, you will find a hidden war between the two countries.


When Britain leaves Europe, it means that Britain pushes other countries do the same step, and more than this, the Britain came out because of refugees, and as we know that the problem of refugees is the first case in Europe. Also Brexit means that Britain is greedy and selfish, and wants to seize the interests on world alone without sharing them with all Europe.
But the most important point that Germany knows is that Britain went out Europe not because there was a problem in European Union with it, but it went out to go to the middle East alone in order to restore its old legacy after withdrawal of America from the middle east .
I know that the readers will say: but British publuc did this step, it was the voice of public of going out of Europe, and this popular decision must be respected.
Democratic order is a great trick, it is just a system to make people feel as a participant in the political decision-making, and to give the popular legitimacy for any political step in future, and not to make peoples feeling bored and routine.
Brexit was not a popular decision, it was a decision of the centre of rule in Britain.
It’s a very dangerous and strategic decision and Britain could not take this dangerous step by depending on the popular vote whom vote from the basis of naive and funny ideas, and more many Britishes voted to go out Europe because of the foreign harassing women sexually. (Funny)

To make sure of it, let’s reread the sequence of events accurately.

At the end of 2014, the British changed the strategy of its National security, and this job is a very important and serious thing.
Many people do not know the true meaning of changing the strategy of National security. It’s a very big step in any country, and that means that Britain will do a radical coup in its policy, and is preparing to do a very big step.

Brexit was for Israel and Saudi Arabia and the middle East. This is the truth.

America is going out of the middle East, and going to another place in world, but it will leave behind it a great legacy, and Britain wants to get that legacy.

Note: do you remember a talk for Nitenayahu when he said that the Holocaust was not an idea for Hitler, it was an Islamic idea by Sheikh Husseini in Palestine, who offered it to Hitler.do you remember, what was reply Merkel on this talk?. Merkel was smart, and she understand the hidden message from this talk, she said: Dont play in history, we know well who did the Holocaust.

How can we understand the talk of Niteniyahu?, what the reasons behind that talk in this period?, and why Merkel responded in that way, even it was supposed that Merkel must be a happy, because this official talk erases for Germany a historical offense, Germany still pay for it till now!

It is The first time in the history of Israel that a high-level official israeli say this strange and dangerous talk. this malignant talk was directed to the German public and the other publics in Europe  for increasing a popularity of the far right parties after denied that crime about them. This means that  the right national thought didnot assume that crime but Muslim did that, and therefore it will lead the far right parties in Europe to a placebo enemy (Muslims and refugees), in order to be the logo in their campaigns election, and raise their luck in wining in elections.

So Brexit is helping Israel.

Israel’s interest is that Britain goes out Europe, and returns to the middle East, after the withdrawal of America from the Middle East. interest of Israel is that Britain will sign an agreement of shared defense with Saudi to protect it, after America refusing extension of the agreement of shared defense with Saudi Arabia, especially Saudi is in an open war with Yemen.
Q: Why the agreement of shared defense is very big interest for israel?.
A:Because Saudi Arabia is the manager of Israel’s project in the middle East. 

Note: Do you remember the Prime Minister of Britain Theresa may, when she said after Brexit that she Would not hesitate clicking the button of nuclear weapons, even it would kill Hundreds of thousands of people, if the matter was requested and the interests of Britain was in a risk.

The Top Meeting in Manama between the Gulf countries and the Prime Minister of Britain Theresa may, when she talked after the meeting  :” the security of the Gulf becomes from the security of Britain more than any time“, all that confirms the truth that is Brexit was for Saudi Arabia and Israel.