Conspiracy theory in America-9/11

Conspiracy word is a core of the intellectual struggle that takes place in America these days. This word is framing a obsession, a obsession follow up liberals in everywhere and at anytime to finish any talk , because this word make liberals remembering the speech of conservative people that fill life for long time, and this made a complex in thier mind and made them not liking this word. this complex and feelings make not only difficulity in thier thinking , but even a weakness in putting this word “conspiracy” over the table of search and thought .
I see that consciousness of many liberals formed by reacting for the conservative speech, they are just the third law of Newton , the consciousness of liberal have not formed by interaction between the reality and thought or because of scarcity with a changing reality, it is just a result because of reacting.
Is there conspiracy ?
The liberals incapacitate in answering this question, maybe he/she will make fun of this question, and this is because of two reasons, the first reason is the old thinking and the second reason is psychological thing.
1- The normal thinking.
There is a difference between normal thinking and the thinking through the image, the thinking by images in an advanced stage of thinking, it is a different from the normal thinking that depends on the language.
In one of the lectures’s scientist Henry Poincaré entitled (what mathematical invention), Poincaré talked about need to think through the images, Poincaré mean the sensual imagesthat was glowing in his mind and that made him feeling in presence of mathematical proofs that  embodied in front him and inside his mind, flicker and disappear, these images that Poincaré talk about, he talked that these images were the reason in shaping many of his theories and mathematical proofs.

Understanding all of a particular topic in one glance”

This is a sentence which the mathematician Henri Poincaré in his  introduction for thinking by images, Poincaré likes he was talking about Galileo when he asked the court to see moons of Jupiter through his telescope .
Einstein also was much interested in ways of thinking and simplify science.
Einstein’s thinking was the same way of Poincaré , Einstein was realizing the thinking by images and its importance in understanding things. Einstein’s talked about the reasons that lead people towards art and music , turning away from normal life , far from its toughness and its desolation, and he made comparison when the people who live in city go to the top of the mountains where fresh air and eyes become animated and freely in every open space, with broad view, everything becomes in front of their eyes.
One day a young scientists offer a paper to Einstein to comment about it. It was talking on the necessity of teaching epistemology and history of science and philosophy of science for students of the Physics Department. Einstein agreed with the young scientist and occur in his response to that young about his surprise of most young scientists whom donot have good thinking, he compared them with someone who saw sporadic trees but never seen a forest.
Einstein was talking about the look from the top of the mountain.
I’m not talking about the conspiracy, I’ll try to get out of this word for answering the previous question, and I will replace the word “conspiracy” with another word “organized interests”.

But before answering this question, I will put another angle for thinking, it is  comparison process between individual and power (whatever those powers).
Many liberals are unable to understand the meaning of the word power, because they measure the concept of powers with regular individual powers, but I’m talking about the powers as an abstract concept,  a network of interrelated interests (economic, ideological, political, social, media, military, financial, etc.) and the single track to achieve some benefit, this is what I mean by the concept of power. This network of interrelated interests (powers) will stand against any other interests (power) not going in its plans and objectives.
When we compare the individual’s abilities and capabilities of power, we will get to feel the extreme shortage of individual powers, the individual will disappear in powers, as human disappearing when we compare person with God. The individual is limited in consciousness,relationships, experiences, knowledg,income, financial management in life, memory, and in effect, while the powers have total consciousness, big money, research centres, universities, experiences, persistent memory (strategic projects), armies, media empire ,relationships, devices that give her strength in discovering bugs, wizards and implementation etc.
Those powers can manage things easily and very quickly. By one decision these power could make a massive change that occur easily and smoothly after gathering all its massive paraphernalia in change.
As we said these powers may be, political power or economic power or financial or media etc, so when the powers get together by joint interests, it will constitute absolute organization power, working to preserve their interests and have strategies to maintain their survival, as absolute power and not watching any power, it’s total consciousness, it is not compared to the individual consciousness, absolute authority over the individual’s possibilities.
The difficulty of grasping that comparison makes liberals unable to understand the role of powers in drawing the media and political and economic features, cultural etc around us. It makes the liberals  unable to understand the impact of these powers when move for thier business and interests,  comprehensive, systematic effect,  ordered job  for the interests of those powers.
Get on the top of the mountain to see the forest (Einstein’s forest) by a single glance (Henri Poincaré’s glance). Get on top of the mountain to see the forest of organized media, the forest of organized political, the forest of organized events, the forest of organized wars, the forest of organized thoughts, the forest of organized justifications, the forest of organized claims, and the forest of organized victims etc by a glance .
2- The psychological reason.
There’s a psychological point cause disabilities in understanding the word conspiracy among liberals, because Word generates a feeling among liberals that who pronounced is not modern, make him remember the speech of conservative and the religious speech.
Liberals believe that the conspiracy theory are primitive human speech that fails to understand things and ascribes to a plot.
Conspiracy theory is a simple human explanation of unknown things by simply way, and Liberals are ignorant power word, and how it move and affect our life, but at the same time making fun of conspiracy theory, because many liberals think they are the only people who have a mind.
So that
Ignore the conspiracy, and ignore all the sensations generated by this word “conspiracy” in the sentiment, but the fact that you can’t hide it, there are organization interests powers trying to impose anywhere, interwoven or intersected, to achieve their goals and keep itself at the top of the pyramid of power to not crumble.
What is the relationship between this article and 9/11 ?

I think it is necessary to repair the mind before understanding what had happened in 9/11 and this article is a try to send message to all americans before explaining why we dont believe in government story about 9/11.