Game of the international terrorism

Who was behind 9/11 in America

The killer is always trying to move away from the suspicions, the clever killer is an unlikely possibility .

How can I detect the killer, if the killer was a victim ?

● 1989.  it had been leaked an American official document called “Northwood” which made a stir and a big scandal in America, the document talked about the secret plan presented to President Kennedy, operation carried out by the United States to strike its interests and accuse Cuba of being behind the operation, in order to give America a legitimate and reason to occupy Cuba. But Kennedy rejected that plan.
● 9/11/1990. US President Bush declared in a speech in Congress a new world order based on democracy and help people gain their rights and in the fight against the dictatorship.
● 9/11/2001 . it was attacks of New York, by al-Qaeda as the story of US government And it had been declared a new world order led by the United States to fight terrorism, and America had become a world leader in the terrorism war, after the American definition of terrorism, with Bush’s famous words: who is not with us is against us.

● 2003. It was the invasion of Iraq by the United States without any international legitimacy.
Arabic Spring

America found a new way of intervention and presence in the Middle East and arranged it without the legitimacy of the fight against terrorism, in collaboration with israel, France and Britain, and divided interests between them.
At the beginning of the Arab Spring

America found that the colored revolutions in the middle east to intervene, it was better effectiveness as quickly happened in Libya. 
United States, France and Britain believed that the idea of ​​intervention under the pretext of helping people to break free from the dictatorial rulers better than the legitimacy of the fight against terrorism, so America decided to end the movie of bin Laden and terrorism, so that a unit of the US military went to Pakistan and killed bin Laden and throw his body into the sea.
The problem of the Arab Spring

America coveted so much and did not comply with its promises with France. Especially in Libya and in Yemen, France started trying to find a new policy that keeps the interests of America and Britain.
Arabic spring delayed.The colored revolutions did not succeed in the Middle East, because of the steadfastness of the Syrian government and the control of Huthi rebels on the Yemen.
Israel and Europe pressed America too much to militarily intervene in Syria, and to impose a no-fly zone to bring down Syria. And repeat the Iraq scenario, and it will be covered by Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries, they will pay a budget of the war.

 Iranian nuclear agreement

Iran elected a new president, he was a former official of the nuclear file , and it was a sign of an intention final settlement of the nuclear issue.
In 2013 a contact had occurred between Iran and America for the first time. Iran has received a historical connection of the of the United States since 1979, for final settlement of the nuclear issue, and it was one of the deal agreed between Iran and the United States to make a political solution in the Syrian crisis and not the military.
Israel felt in dangerous if America would make agreement with Iran, cause Israel knows well that it would be secret items between America and Iran on account Israel’s influence in Middle east .
One of those secret items was the solution in Syria is politics not military and Huthi party in Yemen is a partner for fighting terrorism.
Israel tried to fail the agreement in any way.
Iran’s nuclear negotiations with the United States was able to put pressure on the United States through an agreement to abandon its nuclear program in exchange for halting the pressure of the Zionist lobby on the decision in America.
Israel, Saudi Arabia and Europe was angry because of this this .
Israel and Saudi despaired in pressure on the US administration, so they went to elsewhere to topple Syria.
1- Saudi went to Russia and offered them a big deal to abandon Bashar Al-Asad, but Russia has rejected the deal. 
2- Then Saudi went to step of reducing the price of oil, in order to press Russia about Syria but it failed also.
3- Then they made colored revolution in cooperation with the European countries and Zionists businessmen such as George Soros in Ukraine, because Ukraine is represents a strategic depth for Russia, and the goal of Ukraine that is practical trade-off with Russia, Ukraine vs. Syria. But it failed too. 
All tries had failed, so they decided to create a project of ISIS. 
4- ISIS announced its country in Syria and Iraq and asked Muslims in all World to come to this new real islamic country to destroy Syria .
5- Israel spied on nuclear negotiations. and that made diplomatic trouble between Israel and America .
6- Nitinyaho went to America and made a speech in US Congress, he asked them stopping the Iranian agreement .
7- Saudia started airattacking in Yemen to fail nuclear agreement.


The legitimacy to intervene in support of the revolutions of publics failed ,the legitimacy of support for democracy and liberation movements and the fight against the dictatorship failed , after the United States abandoned the idea of ​​military intervention, and after the peoples understanded  it’s not revolutions but colorful revolutions for the interests of foreign powers.
 ISIS was to be re-activation of the idea of ​legitimacy of terrorism war for intervention in middle east . 
 ISIS was to fail nuclear agreement.
ISIS is to destroy Syria and Iraq.
Who is behind the terrorism in Europe


France tried pressing the United States for their military intervention in Syria to topple the government in Syria, in order to Qatari gas pipeline which passes through Syria, but the United States declined and decided not to repeat the Iraq condition, and became a political solution in Syria. So there is no longer support for the revolutions of the peoples for liberation.
France did not find any way only doing such a game of America.

French intelligence made a terrorist movies for control the French public opinion, and to grant international sympathy, to have it’s legitimacy to intervene in the world in order to keep their interests.
2015, The event of a newspaper Charlie ebdo, before two months of the Saudi aggression against Yemen.

Terrorist killed journalists and went out to the streets of Paris and was screaming: I have been sent by AlQaida in Yemen.
If you think a lot about it, you will ask yourself an important question:  how can a man kill people come out to the street after the operation and his interested to interoduce himself and tell the whole world that he was sent by al-Qaeda in Yemen? .

it is a strange and illogical and not normal.

You surprisely Will be gone , and the answer of that question become a logical, when you know that France has considerable interests in Yemen, it holds the concession for exploration of oil and gas in Yemen, and to clear most of the game, after the four-way meeting between the US, Britain and the UAE and Saudi Arabia to resolve the crisis in Yemen, France was furious not to involve them in this meeting and to ignore its interests in Yemen, after that four-way meeting two days later, the media lunched about a French hostage with al Qaeda in Yemen, it was a woman, and the hostage asked  French government and President to help her.
Paris terrorist events came after the Russian intervention in Syria, in order to gain sympathy and grab a Security Council resolution unanimously as France want to be able to enter Syria to fight ISIS. France was afraid of singling out Russia in Syria.
Who has followed the French media after the Paris Theater events, it would find the hidden conflict between France and America and Britain.

the British media tried to reduce the scale of the disaster signals clever indirect, it was talking about the wife a terrorist blew herself up as the woman was amusement and bars, so Islam were not known as good and she was screaming there trying bombings (to make the public think about these events and think about the existence of the game ).
Famous French newspaper talked about an American man who survived death twice. A journalist who work in that newspaper wrote an article in the newspaper about american man was in Paris theater, the journalist helped the US man after he suffered by a bullet in the leg, and carried him to his apartment near theater. The US man told him that he survived the events of the World trade Towers and the events of the Paris today, and the US man says that the events of the Paris ugliest thousand times of the events of New York. US asked not to be named, and the title of the article was “a strange coincidence, a man survive from death twice.” (Notice how linking France Paris incident incident of New York, and how they tried to make Paris the greatest event of the New York event and the strange that the US requested not to name him). 
Saudi and UAE based waving French flag on the commercial towers in their cities, to enlarge the event in middle east and the world, Saudi Arabia hopes to be a military intervention in Syria by France to topple Syria, after the United States abandoned the idea of ​​military intervention in Syria.
After the paris events, France went to Syria and the Russian President Putin of ordering the Russian army in collaboration with France.
The Ministry of Interior in Russia given a small dog to France, rather than that dog that died during the raid on the French police for house of terrorists in Paris, dog’s name means dragons hunter in Russian (powers hunter), and it was an indirect message about the fulfillment of Russia’s alliances with France and to stand beside France against the other powers.

Russia believed that France finally decided to be an ally with Russia, but France coveted much cause it wanted the gas pipelines in Syria.
After the incident … ISIS had threaten US and terrorist incidents are located in America, but French newspapers underestimate the incident and says: Does the incident live up as an act of terrorism.?

Do you asked yourself, why there is no funerals for victims of the Paris attack where are the families of the victims. Is there on YouTube any video for official funerals for the victims?

Also French media refused  publishing pictures bodies of the terrorists, and says that it is linked to the side of moral and social.
the media is  intelligent and watching the polls, so the French media started publishing series about conspiracy theories and false media after spreading many comments about the doubts and suspicion of the events of Paris.

Brussels is the capital of the NATO and filled with men of intelligence and security, the capital insured and under surveillance, and however Brussels was bombed, and the incident is located close to the NATO headquarters, and the most surprise that the famous Belgian newspapers returned the same story of US man, which has survived from the dead twice but this time survive in Brussels and the incident a terrorist incident happened years ago in America.

Do you asked yourself why there is no funerals for the victims never in Belgium ? Are there videos on YouTube about official funerals for the victims?.

Germany made a terrorist movie different from the others.
Germany seeing Britain and America and France are shared interests in the Middle East, along with Britain out of Europe, which threatens the survival of the European Union.
Germany is afraid of the terrorism movies and speech of Trump and  Brexit. Cause it helps in raising the popularity of the extreme right in Europe, threatening the survival of the European Union.
Germany is trying not to compine between terrorism with Islam, because the compining process will help in finding the argument to the extreme right to criticize accepting refugees, cause the imigration and increase the percentage of Muslims are big subject in Europe policy, raising the popularity of the far-right in the election campaigns.
Germany made terrorist movie that is very different from the others, and this time the extreme right-wing hero, a man hates refugees, and devotee of the Aryan race.
Movie intended to deliver a strong message to public opinion, says that message: terrorism can come from non-Islam.
Hollywood Movies.
The terrorists in Europe being killed or commit suicide before arrest or tried to figure out terrorism plans, as happened with the story of bin Laden, or hunted to make the movie a continuous and exciting and worth pursuing .

After killing of the Russian ambassador, French media: the killer was in Erdogan team eight times.

terrorist incident is located in Berlin.

The French media coverage of the incident, reports and analyzes, and urgent and discoveries, to ignore the suspicious killing of the Russian ambassador.
Berlin incident, which came after the killing of the Russian ambassador, was an intelligence movie for distracting public opinion in Europe on the incident to prevent the public opinion about who is behind killing the Russian ambassador and beforet the Russian Iranian and Turkish meeting about agreement about Syria.
the fact , Berlin was fake and false flag also, it was just to create confusion about the fake accident, in order to conceal the true beneficiary of targeting Russian ambassador process.
The Russian Ambassador killing  was deliberate, basically mean to fail the tripartite agreement (Russia, Iran, Turkey), one day before the meeting, because France was very angry from Erdogan, cause he had betrayed the agreement, and want to hit Turkish Russian rapprochement at any price because he threatens the Qatari gas project to be implemented by Total,a fear of a final settlement for the file of Syria.
Terrorism in the West is just a game of intelligence jobs, to fake their public opinion for intervention in the world , while the real terrorism exists in Middle East, Middle East is destroying now in front of world’s eyes. 
The Western intelligences are behind the terrorism with funding from the Gulf countries.

Western policy has no morals and no honor and no humanity. This is the truth.